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Avoid Prolonged Exposure

Project Statement

There are just eighteen photographs that exist from all of my childhood. This is a peculiar situation, particularly in the current culture of snapping and posting every life moment. This has made a deep impression that influences my thoughts about photography and the images that I make. My work transforms the transitory objects we create, cultivating visceral experiences which can only be activated through photos.

For me, photography has always been about elsewhere, a different place in time, the pictures’ edges become an ambivalent gateway to a past memory—maybe not even a moment from my own life—combining my experiences with the fiction of images from others’ recent pasts. Do I superimpose my memories or experiences onto and into the images I consume daily? Or perhaps, do those images become memories of moments I have never personally experienced?

Where photography has traditionally slowed us down, freezing moments for deeper contemplation; current tools seem to speed us up, creating a culture that quickly “snaps” and moves on, forgetting the image completely. Foremost among these tools is the social media app, Snapchat. Popular as a self-promotion tool, clips— posted by a litany of internet famous individuals, A-list celebrities, musicians, runway models, and the common man— are viewed, then disappear forever. These selfies pose an interesting problem for popular culture in that while they are effortlessly disseminated and instantly available, they expire once viewed and no record is left. I expose these transitory, ten-second videos onto slide film, creating a permanent, analog record of this ephemeral, digital media. The resulting fixed images become a complicated amalgamation of the video’s captured time, movement, and environment. The new, highly abstracted, images radiate an unknown, uncanny familiarity, creating stories and narratives that are far more poetic than their pop culture sources. Through this transformation, the pictures question how to reconcile our sense of self with an on- demand, hashtag culture and what role permanency can play within that culture.

Darkroom Enlarger
4x5 Slide Film (Fujichrome)
7-10 second expsoures

PrincessBae // 9.2 Seconds

ModGirl19 // 9.8 Seconds

WorkOutGirl21 // 10 Seconds

Wired2Play // 8.3 Seconds