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Farewell Portraits

About few years ago I was moving to New England and I wanted to do something that would capture those last few moments with my friends in California, before I moved across the country.

The idea was to take a single Black & White Instant Portrait of each of them and not look at the picture until I made it to Providence. I took each of these with PX 100 UV+ film and a single click of my SX-70, in my empty giant walk-in closet; I used my only remaining desk lamp, an old sheet for a back drop. As each shot was taken I dropped them in an empty film box. I took that box, taped it shut, and packed the whole set in a random final knick-knack box that was loaded into the back of my car and put on a shipping truck the next day.

My car took a month for them to ship to my new place in Providence. When I finally got the stuff out of the trunk a few days later, I finally got to see the pictures I took.

I love that some of the shots are my friends putting on a brave face, or a forced smile, or even the still face with the sadness of that last day.