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Mediated Selfies

Someone, somewhere has created a peculiar way of interacting with the moments of others, fabricated segments of time meant to be instantly forgotten by 10,000 of our closest friends whom we have never met. The formula is easy: put your image-making device at arm’s-length, act as if you snapped it in a moment of surprise, and SELFIE-SNAP-A-GRAM! #i-woke-up-like-this. I have Frankensteined my iPhone and my darkroom enlarger to record these seven to ten second disposable gestures on photographic paper; breaking the trashcan-bound trajectory of this photo-or-it-didn’t-happen #fomo performance. This abstract record becomes a space of narration with the ghost of human bodily aura, captured by the tools and methods of photography married to the claude-glass we carry around in our pockets. These time stretched records transform the human form into cosmological expanses, or inner-space biological gestures. What can this new alien way of seeing reveal about us?

Darkroom Enlarger
Photographic Paper & 4x5 Slide Film
7-10 second expsoures